"From raw materials to reliable products"

NPK is a win-win cooperation with farmhouses and organic raw materials.

Each raw material is selected base on strict selection process. 

With natural raw materials and health of our consumers in mind, 

we established a health functional food-manufacturing base.



믿을 수 있는 

제품을 위해

농가와 유기농 원료로 상생협력하는 NPK입니다.

원료 하나하나 허투로 고르지 않습니다.

자연과 건강을 생각하는 마음으로

원료부터 건강기능식품 생산기지를 구축합니다.

Win-Win Cooperation

win-win cooperation

“We grow crops without using a single drop of pesticides to secure sustainable supply of raw material. 

The crops grown with such great care for a year bring the power and efficacy of natural energy into our bodies in return.”

It is important to meticulously manufacture health functional food from reliable raw materials rather than simply manufacturing supplements using synthetic materials.

NPK has been working hard to develop technology for manufacturing with natural raw materials that can replace synthetic raw materials for the health of the people of Korea and the development of various health functional foods.

Based on the philosophy of making reliable health functional food, 

we go one step further and focus on growing eco-friendly (pesticide-free, organic) 

agricultural products directly through win-win cooperation with the local farmers.

Focusing on eco-friendly and organic products, 

we provide customers with higher level of experience through a premium health functional food, 

which is produced by combining non-synthetic excipients with raw materials 

grown in cooperation with local farmers.

The desire to honestly capture the freshness and health of nature is the promise of NPK to our costumers.

NPK was able to start win-win cooperation between local farmers and the company by visiting local farmers 

and encouraging them to produce eco-friendly agricultural products, 

and purchasing their agricultural products at a reasonable price.

Trustworthy health functional food with carefully grown organic ingredients!

We confidently disclose the origin and producer of the raw materials. 

Supply contracts with local farmers helps the farmers to have secure sale channel which enables them to grow better raw materials which in turn enables Nature Pure Korea to develop a healthier and more reliable products and expand a sustainable growth system on the basis of good quality raw materials.

Organic and eco-friendly certification status

Organic Agricultural

Products Certificate (Beans)
No. 15101610 | 2020.09.29

Pesticide-free Agricultural

Products Certificate (Mushroom)
No. 15302826 | 2020.08.28

Organic Agricultural

Products Certificate (Rice)
No. 12600262 | 2021.02.25

Certificate of HACCP Applicant
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