Various product production facilities

We are equipped with all the latest facilities to manufacture various types of health functional food, individually approved type, 

weight control formula and other processed foods available in various formulations such as tablets and 

capsules (soft, hard), powder, granules, coatings (film, enteric), vegetable soft capsules, and chewable soft capsules.

High-quality air conditioning system

Nature Pure Korea is automatically managed with a double air conditioning system.

Cooing air conditioning system of
cooling air conditioning + dry air conditioning

automatic management after first installation in domestic refinery

GMP production building humidity management

43% or less throughout the year

(management of 60% or less by other companies)

Introduced AIR Compressor dual system

                    - Free Filter / Carbon Filter

                    - Line filter

                    - Adsorption type gel Drier

Storage warehouse

Differentiated subdivision storage warehouse

subdivided raw material storage container

(safety container used for double-sealed storage)

Raw material storage warehouse

Raw material storage warehouse (Powdered crystalline glucose, etc.), 

low-temperature warehouse (managed below 4℃)

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