NPK Quality

Quality control

QA (Quality Assurance)

· Licensing work

· Legal review

· Certification Management (GMP, HACCP, 

  FSSC 22000 ISO, Halal, Traceability)

· Consumer complaint management

· Internal quality assurance and audits

· Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and 

  customer company audit management

· Audit of partner companies

· Standard specification management (raw 

  materials, materials products)

· Product annual trend analysis

QC (Quality Control)

· Securing production-related quality

· Strict quality test

 - Raw material test(raw materials, materials)

 - Semi-finished products test

 - Finished product testing

 - Stability test

 - Regular inspection after shipment

 - Hazardous Substance Analysis

Quality Control

Triple management system

Quality assurance through a thorough triple management system

We scientifically analyze all processes from purchasing high-quality raw materials to production and delivery to consumers.
01. Raw material inspection

02. Inspection of 
semi-finished products
03. Inspection of 
finished products

Quality Control

In-house Analysis Quality Management System

Nature Pure Korea has established a thorough quality prevention system in advance.

We have a high-level quality system that allows quality inspection, which takes 15 days, to be completed in 5 days by an accredited
certification body through our own analysis equipment and professional personnel with the latest technology applied.

01. Systematic management 
and education system
  • Annual trend analysis of products
  • Process improvement
  • Food record traceability
  • OJT training
  • product Standard inspectionProcess inspection
  • Stability check
  • Workplace environmental Inspection
  • Manufacturing Process Deviation Inspection
  • HPLC 4ea, GC, ICP

03. Raw material inspection
  • Raw material inspectionPre-Receipt Inspection
  • Raw Material Stability Inspection
  • Material test
  • Hazardous Substance Analysis
  • Specifications and Microbiological testing

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